Link off plan

link off plan


Link Off Plan (LOP): A continuous last-mile access network cable segment where the OSP cable network passes all the buildings in any contiguous suburban road network or cluster. Provides ownership of up to 72 fibre strands from the Access Network backhaul manhole (i.e. Splitter FDP) to a joint outside any building in the contiguous area covered by the access cable route. Any End-user computer room can be accessed on demand within the same precinct.
This includes (subject to NRC) any and all ISP work that may be required to connect any client within the precinct at any time during the contract period. The backhaul FDP could be either the Link Africa Metro Backhaul network or some other network such as the Service Providers own backhaul network. O&M is included during the contract period.
Ownership of the asset transfers on acceptance of the infrastructure.

What happens after the contract term ?

The commitment the Service Provider makes is generally made before the access network is built and is taken ‘off plan’, and is subject to availability of sufficient fibre strands in the design.

link off plan

Key Value Proposition


Sewer and Storm Water implementation offers different and lower risk profile to service availability of the link.


Ownership of the assets (strands used) vests with the Service Provider.


Predictable and deterministic operational costs allowing for excellent returns in the right precinct.


Churn in the last-mile will have no effect on the costs.


Bandwidth limited only by the physical characteristics of optical fibre and distance.


SP benefits from the owners cost per fibre port as only one such product will be sold on any cable section.

link off plan

Technical Parameters


Demarcated by the Outside Plant (OSP) Fibre Distribution Point(s) (FDP) as spliced at the aggregation (splitter) point(s) and any terminated fibre strand per circuit in the same Precinct. The Customer must provide the splicing plan for the precinct.


ITU-T G.652.D or G657a2


Fiber cable will be monitored across the Link Africa Core Network and any connected Access Ring. Isolated Island networks may not be monitored. Monitoring by LA cannot be done where LA have not terminated the cable on an ODF accessible to LA.

Service Naming

Precinct AAAA strand xx YYYY where ‘AAAA’ represents the Precinct codes and xx is a numeric code representing the strand used and YYYY represents the end user termination point.