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Link Africa is South Africa’s largest provider of cost-effective, high-speed, open-access telecommunications infrastructure.

As a leader in the industry, we have been building and operating Fibre Optic Networks since 2013; deploying fibre infrastructure that allows you to choose your preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our innovative and patented, open-access infrastructure utilises light to transfer data through means of glass cabling; making it the fastest and most reliable form of internet connectivity currently available. This cabling, unlike copper cabling, is resistant to water and is of no use to thieves; nor is it affected by weather; resulting in a more stable and reliable experience.

With a strong fibre footprint in all metropolitan areas within South Africa (view our coverage map), we have partnered with the leading ISPs, Telcos & Tech providers; offering unlimited open access, and of course, choice.

Link Africa

Link Africa builds and operates Open-Access Fibre Optic Networks using an innovative patented infrastructure deployment method on various modes of infrastructure. An increasing number of developing countries have stepped up fibre-optic networks deployment to build better ICT infrastructure and stimulate economic development.



Link Africa has the exclusive South African rights to FOCUS™ Patented fibre optic cable technology for deployment in water & sewer systems.

FOCUS™ uses existing underground municipal services, such as sewer & water systems and is non-disruptive and non-invasive.

FOCUS™ is tested and certified with consistently superior network availability compared to traditional trenched fibre solutions.

Link Africa combines FOCUS™ with robotic drilling technology allowing them to reach areas other fibre optic networks are unable to.

Universal Open Access

We believe in “Open Access” to our fibre network, a country-wide network through which all licensed operators and service provider can reach their customers. Responsible corporate citizenry is the foundation of our socio-economic development position.

We believe in universal access for all. This means making our network available to all people in all metropolitan areas as well as in surrounding townships. To this end we are already in Johannesburg, Tshwane, Ekurhuleni, Ethekwini, Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town. Our fibre can also be found in Soweto, Katlehong, Diepsloet, Umlazi, Chatsworth and KwaMashu to mention a few. Our vision is to make available high speed telecommunications infrastructure to all service providers to reach all the citizens of the country, rich and poor.

Our programmes are aimed at engaging hundreds of local SMMEs who will help us roll out fibre-optic networks connecting businesses, homes, clinics, schools and community centres across the country to ensure speedy delivery of universal access to telecoms infrastructure. We will leverage our supply chain to empower small contractors to be sustainable. We are creating job opportunities for thousands of people directly and through our sub-contractors. We are excited to be making a positive contribution to the South African economy, not only by our direct business activities but also by the enormous multiplier effect as our network helps to unlock the country’s economic potential.

Our programmes seek to give back to local communities from which we source our employees and sub-contractors. We believe that a happy and empowered work force for the future will come out of healthy, connected communities and as such we have a passion for contributing to the growth and development of our youth.

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