Link colo

link colo


Collocation hosting facilities for Link Africa customers where Link Africa is not already collocated in an Open Access Data Centre. This service is for collocation of customer’s telecommunication equipment in a secure environment, considering cooling and power for a reliable carrier-class service.
Managed rack space in a secure facility with access to metered AC Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) power in a controlled environment.

Three generic colocation facility types are envisaged:

link colo

Key Value Proposition


Eliminates the need to secure cost effective carrier class facilities for transmission and switching/routing equipment.


Scalable to access demand

link colo

Technical Parameters


The coordinates and name if the colocation site.

Client Interface

Meet-Me Cabinet and ODF


ITU-T G.652.D or G657a2


Link Africa Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Service Naming

Site Code and Row/rack position The collocation facility will have the following features:

  • 1. Lockable AC distribution boards with dedicated A and B feed wire ways
  • 2. Supplied with air conditioner(s)
  • 3. Environmental Alarms system.
  • 4. CCTV camera (optional).
  • 5. Lockable cabinets.
  • 6. Lockable Meet Me cabinet.