Link core

link core


Link Africa provides and manages all the passive Dark Fibre requirements in all the core network segments as required by the Service Provider as one strand or one pair of strands per link between two Link Africa POPs or between a Link Africa POP and an open access Data Centre.
This ‘Bandwidth Participation’ model is where Link Africa offers the Service Provider the option to light a pair of Link Africa Dark fibres with its own equipment at no direct cost (of the fibre infrastructure) to the Service Provider in order for the Service Provider to provide a cost effective backhaul link between aggregation points in the same metro network up to a maximum of 1Gbit/s per link (calculated as the maximum or peak bandwidth utilised across the link in the billing period).

link core

Key Value Proposition


Eliminates the capital investment risk of the metro network model.​


No heavy upfront capital or operating costs to lease Dark Fibre in the metro core.


Distance is no longer a factor in the ‘Price’ to the end user.


Scalable to access demand.


No impact on Layer-3 and other Over The Top (OTT) revenues to the Service Provider

link core

Technical Parameters


Demarcated by the Inside Plant Fibre Distribution Point (FDP) connector in the Link Africa Core network aggregation POP at each end of the link.

Client Interface

Fibre splice / Connector specification: as defined by the Customer (Default: LC or SC PC.APC)


ITU-T G.652.D or G657a2


Fibre cable will be monitored across the Link Africa Core Network and any connected Access Ring. Isolated Island networks may not be monitored.

Service Naming

Link A-B xxxx where ‘A’ and ‘B’ are the codes of each end of the link and xxx is a numeric code.