Link metro

link metro


Distance based Point-to-Point optic fibre links within the same metropolitan area made up of one or more fibre strands between any two end points within the same metropolitan area for the purpose of backhaul of aggregated end user traffic. This includes an inside plant requirements at either end.

One variant could be made available in certain circumstances.

link metro

Key Value Proposition


Sewer and waste water implementation offers a different and lower risk profile to service availability of the link.


Quicker implementation times.


Higher reliability links.


Upfront price breaks provided with a long term volume commitment drive operational costs down.


Bandwidth limited only by the physical characteristics of optical fibre and distance.


Includes the Inside Plant infrastructure up to the ODF.

link metro

Technical Parameters


Demarcated by the Inside Plant Fibre Distribution Point (FDP) terminated at each end of the Link.

Client Interface

Fibre splice / Connector specification: as defined by the Customer (Default: LC or SC PC.APC)


ITU-T G.652.D or G657a2


Fibre cable will be monitored across the Link Africa Core Network and any connected Access Ring. Isolated Island networks may not be monitored

Service Naming

Link A-B xxxx where ‘A’ and ‘B’ are the codes of each end of the link and xxx is a numeric code.