Link connect

link connect


Link Africa Inter-facility connection – Distance limited to an average of 3.5km (LoS) per link (nationally), flat rated Point-to-Point fibre links within a metropolitan area made up of 1 strand or 1 pair of fibre strands aimed at Service Providers requiring short fibre based interconnections between points of aggregation such is in an access aggregation ring.

link connect

Key Value Proposition


Flat rated lease option.

link connect

Technical Parameters


Demarcated by the Fibre Distribution Point (FDP) at each end of the Link. Terminations must be at a point where Link Africa has access control to the optical fibre termination facility.
Examples are:-

  • 1. Link Africa POP facility.
  • 2. Link Africa street cabinet facility.
  • 3. Link Africa indoor facility.
  • 4. Any open access Data Centre facility.

Client Interface

Fibre splice / Connector specification: as defined by the Customer (Default: LC or SC PC.APC). Specification: ITU-T G.652.D or G657a2


Fibre cable will be monitored across the Link Africa Core Network and any connected Access Ring. Isolated Island networks may not be monitored.

Service Naming

Link A-B xxxx where ‘A’ and ‘B’ are the codes of each end of the link and xxx is a numeric code.