Link feeder

link feeder


One Point-to-Point fibre (feeder) strand from the nearest Link Africa POP to the splitter FDP.

link feeder

Key Value Proposition


Sewer and Storm Water implementation offers different and lower risk profile to service availability of the link.


Lowers the barrier to entry for Service Providers wanting to expand their market reach into new areas without the need for heavy last-mile infrastructure commitments and costs


Reduces the burden of Service Providers of reaching economic scales in last-mile access viability

link feeder

Technical Parameters


Demarcated by Inside Plant (ISP) Fibre Distribution Point (FDP) connector at the POP and the Outside Plant (OSP) Fibre Distribution Point (FDP) as spliced at the aggregation (splitter) point.


ITU-T G.652.D or G657a2


Fibre cable will be monitored across the Link Africa Core Network and any connected Access Ring. Isolated Island networks may not be monitored.

Service Naming

Link A-B xxxx where ‘A’ and ‘B’ are the codes of each end of the link and xxx is a numeric code.