Link Africa Supports Small Business During Tough Economic Times

Fresh on the heels of a highly successful and popular “Double your line speed” promotion that offered to double the customers’ speed of their packages on our Link Africa network, we are embarking on yet another program, this time to assist Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) to cope with challenges of the current economic slowdown. 

This is an important segment of our internet service provider (ISP) partners base and it is one of the hardest hit. Link Africa appreciates that SMEs are a big part of SA economy recovery plans not only because they employ so many people but they are a big value driver for our economy. It is in this context that as Link Africa,  we’re doing what we can to work with our ISP partners to assist.

Link Africa Small Business (SME) Promotion:

This promotion is only on bandwidths of 10 and 20 Mbps, offering 5-year discounted pricing but only requiring a 24-month contract term, on Link Africa’s broadband fibre product.  It’s an excellent deal. It effectively provides for a discount of up to 20% off the standard list price in Link Africa’s connected malls and business parks across the country to cushion the financial impact on small business at this time.

Digital connectivity was already critically important for business continuity and sustainability but COVID-19 has catapulted it into a business imperative, Link Africa appreciates this”, says Craig Carthy Link Africa CEO, “We understand that what we provide for small business is the lifeblood of their enterprises and commerce in general. We are doing everything we can to ensure we do our bit to support our customers and enable our economy“, concludes Carthy.

This program will run from 1 August to the 31 September 2020. It will be open to all ISPs with a valid Link Africa MSA. If your business is in a mall and/or business park on the Link Africa footprint, we encouraged you to contact your ISP for more information.