Link Africa: Newcastle Businesses invited to the party.

Newcastle had been added to Link Africa’s existing Fibre to the Business (FTTB) network.

With a strong fibre footprint within all the major cities in South Africa, including: Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg and Durban, Newcastle has now officially been invited to the ‘party’.

Businesses within Newcastle now have the exciting opportunity to order a high speed Internet package from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of their choice, and enjoy the benefits that this reliable internet technology has on work and productivity.

“We are excited about bringing high-speed business fibre connectivity to Newcastle. For some time, national ISPs have been looking to provide fibre based services in Newcastle to their customers and it is for this reason that we have decided to make the investment. On the day, we also hope to sign-up local ISPs who will be looking to add fibre-based services onto their portfolio of services’, says CEO of Link Africa, Terence Moodley.

After laying over 3500 kilometres of fibre throughout all metropolitan cities, Link Africa continues to roll out high speed internet to suburbs throughout South Africa, including growing commercial citified areas of: Msunduzi, Port Shepstone and Newcastle; covering large sections of their business clusters.

Link Africa is launching its fibre optic network in Newcastle through ISPs based within the city.  As an open access provider, Link Africa’s ISP partnerships include (but are not limited to) Telkom,  XDSL, Vodacom, MTN, Seacom, Vast, Cipherwave and Mesh Telecoms. These networks are “live” and are now accepting orders from ISP on an open access basis; offering ISPs operating high-speed business voice, data and internet connectivity to their customers.