Link Africa: Belief in Youth

The future of our country is based on the infrastructure that we lay in the ground now.”

Link Africa, a leading Fibre provider, has recently appointed young leaders to drive their brand, nationally. With a strong sense of ‘Belief in Youth’, Link Africa aims to magnify their presence by placing strategic leadership roles in the hands of the ‘younger generation’. 

Kavern Cullen, previous Key Account Manager at Link Africa, has been awarded the position Head of Sales’.

With experience in Internet solutions, Kavern’s career began in the internet solutions graduate programme and progressed as he became a Key Account Manager in the Public Sector; where he learnt about the challenges and successes of being in a dynamic sales environment. With Kavern’s excitement and energy, he aims to steer Link Africa in the right direction by building and ‘living’ the brand.

“We are here to provide high quality network services and we are here to stay,” says Kavern,“The essence of this message is carried through the Directors of this business of which we, as sales people, are an extension off.”

Not only does Kavern believe that the new leaders are responsible for leading Link Africa in the right direction, but he believes that this direction needs to remain sustainable for years to come.

When asked why he was excited about Link Africa, Kavern commented,” The future of our country is based on the infrastructure that we lay in the ground. We are enabling South Africans for a new digital – high paced – connected world. We are able to connect businesses and homes, meaning that we are able to positively impact different people from different walks of life every day.”

Another deserving young leader, Tholo Lerotholi, has been appointed the position of FTTH Consumer Manager

With previous experience derived from being the Commercial Manager at Vumatel, Tholo aims to bring a sense of purpose and energy to Link Africa.

I have been fortunate enough to witness the ascendance of the 4th industrial revolution and I would like the brand to embrace the crucial role it plays in making this revolution a reality for more South Africans and ultimately the rest of Africa.”

Tholo aims to steer Link Africa in the correct direction by creating and achieving their objectives and ambitions. “This, coupled with my drive and strategic insight, will help us realise the essence of our name,” he goes on to say, “We are “Link Africa” after all, with such a bold name it is our responsibility to work towards connecting the African continent to a world of stable and reliable broadband. 

When asked why he was excited about Link Africa, Tholo responded,” As en employee I would want for nothing else but the backing of my organisation as I endeavour to change the connectivity experience of potentially 90,000 South Africans and countless more Africans.”

He went on to say, “Connectivity offers an array of benefits to ordinary South Africans; access to information (academic and otherwise), an efficient and cost-effective means of accessing and apply for job postings and also an affordable means of entertainment through streaming. The prospect of growing the organisation beyond the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng is what lights my fibre!”

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