Link Africa Supports Small Businesses

Link Africa Supports Small Business During Tough Economic Times

Fresh on the heels of a highly successful and popular “Double your line speed” promotion that offered to double the customers’ speed of their packages on our Link Africa network, we are embarking on yet another program, this time to assist Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) to cope with challenges of the current economic slowdown. 
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Important Link Africa update

As one of South Africa’s leading fibre optic network operators, Link Africa has recently experienced an unprecedented and substantial demand for fibre to the business (FTTb) connections whilst continuing to steadily grow the fibre to the home (FTTh) network. This has resulted in Link Africa’s resources being stretched between FTTb and FTTh demands.

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Internet stats that will make your jaw drop

Since the birth of the internet in the 1990s and its widespread adoption towards the end of that decade, the internet has exploded into the most powerful communication tool in existence.

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A quick and easy guide to getting fibre

The presence of fibre optic cable throughout South Africa is on the rise, and 2016 was the year where coverage increased rapidly. The upshot is that more South Africans are now able to take advantage of this new, high-speed internet highway. Read more

Looking back the at the net as it was

Think you remember what the internet was like back in the day? Chances are you’ve overlooked how far we’ve come. To illustrate the startling difference in connectivity, penetration and technical advancements, we put the internet then (1993) against now (stats accurate up to the end of 2016).

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Unpacking LTE broadband: what is it – and is it a suitable broadband solution?

Access to broadband internet is on the rise in South Africa and if you’re looking to join the revolution, there are two options available to you.

The first, of course, is fibre. Here, glass fibre optic cable is installed in the ground and diverted to homes and businesses for personal use. The cable transfers data at light speed, on a securely-managed network. Link Africa is one of the leading ‘Open-Access’ licensed fibre network operators in South Africa.

The second option is dubbed LTE, and is our focus for this article.

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Infographic: Internet in South Africa

As Black Friday flared to life at the end of last week, shoppers around the globe flocked to storefronts – both physical and digital – to snare the best deal. Though foot traffic through the doors of physical shops continues to beggar belief, more and more people are heading online to do their shopping. The internet has changed the retail landscape, and it’s part and parcel of everyday life for a great many South Africans too.

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Link Africa wins landmark ruling against landlords indulging anti-competitive behaviour

On 24 October, 2016, Link Africa launched an urgent high court interdict application in the Durban High Court. The reason? A landlord was denying our team the right to provide fibre optic internet to our clients on the property.

One of the intrinsic tenets upon which the fibre industry is built is the right to “open access”: the idea that the internet is not owned by any one firm, landlord or municipal body, and can be provided to tenants by any specialist service provider. This makes pricing, availability and service competitive and healthy across the board.

For years, many landlords have struck exclusive deals with Internet Service Providers to gate off access to outside firms. These exclusivity deals fly in the face of open access and are patently illegal.

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Fibre vs ADSL: The startling reality of modern high-speed internet

Internet penetration in South Africa is on the rise and the right to a quality connection has become paramount, but in the end, consumers don’t always know what they’re paying for.

As one of South Africa’s best-loved installers of Fibre, Link Africa is at the cutting edge of fibre optic technology, an innovation that will supplant ADSL within a matter of years.

But if you’re juggling a busy schedule, you don’t want the hassle of trying to work out what makes ADSL and Fibre different.

That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide that unpacks the two side by side, giving you a clear picture of the differences between the two.

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