Fibre-to-the-home: The impact on your security

Fibre is going to change the internet landscape in South Africa forever. It provides exponentially more bandwidth than copperbased ADSL and the speeds will continue to skyrocket. The only limitation is the infrastructure we build to support this fibre future.

Imagine being in possession of gigabit-a-second speeds running through your home. Well, for some homeowners that thought is already a reality. In three years’ time, who knows what the ceiling will be.

So, what does limitless broadband mean for you as the homeowner? How about the possibility of streaming television 24/7; an end to buffering; the ability to connect your devices to virtual reality. Soon that satellite dish on your roof will soon be a thing of the past. So too your landline, as Voice-Over-Fibre completes eliminates the need for it.

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Are the housing Mafia denying or suppressing your right to quality internet at a fair price?

Make no mistake: the internet has become a basic human resource. South African legislation agrees and since the Electronic Communications Act (ECA) was signed into law in 2005, telecoms companies can provide internet to consumers in both public and private spaces.

At Link Africa, we have installed fibre in South Africa’s underground network of sewers and storm drains, successfully engaging local government on the issue and using the public the domain for the greater good of internet penetration in the country. But the private domain is also within our coverage, and we’re proud to be participating in an industry where competition is encouraged and where the end consumer ultimately has healthy choices to make.

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At Link Africa, we’re working towards fibre for all

The emergence of fibre in South Africa is cause for celebration, as the ultra-fast fibre optic cables transmit data exponentially faster than ADSL copper.

But, by the same token, what good is the innovation if it’s only accessible to South Africa’s elite?

To address this concern, Link Africa has teamed up with Vast – an open-access WiFi provider with hotspots throughout the country – to take fibre to South Africa’s underprivileged township communities, as well as extending fibre’s reach to public areas, like shopping centres, libraries and taxi ranks.

We believe this project will significantly improve the lives of township residents and will enrich public spaces in the country.

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