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Important Link Africa update

As one of South Africa’s leading fibre optic network operators, Link Africa has recently experienced an unprecedented and substantial demand for fibre to the business (FTTb) connections whilst continuing to steadily grow the fibre to the home (FTTh) network. This has resulted in Link Africa’s resources being stretched between FTTb and FTTh demands.

Looking back the at the net as it was

Think you remember what the internet was like back in the day? Chances are you’ve overlooked how far we’ve come. To illustrate the startling difference in connectivity, penetration and technical advancements, we put the internet then (1993) against now (stats accurate up to the end of 2016).

Infographic: Internet in South Africa

As Black Friday flared to life at the end of last week, shoppers around the globe flocked to storefronts – both physical and digital – to snare the best deal. Though foot traffic through the doors of physical shops continues to beggar belief, more and more people are heading online to do their shopping. The […]

Fibre-to-the-home: The impact on your security

Fibre is going to change the internet landscape in South Africa forever. It provides exponentially more bandwidth than copperbased ADSL and the speeds will continue to skyrocket. The only limitation is the infrastructure we build to support this fibre future. Imagine being in possession of gigabit-a-second speeds running through your home. Well, for some homeowners […]

At Link Africa, we’re working towards fibre for all

The emergence of fibre in South Africa is cause for celebration, as the ultra-fast fibre optic cables transmit data exponentially faster than ADSL copper. But, by the same token, what good is the innovation if it’s only accessible to South Africa’s elite? To address this concern, Link Africa has teamed up with Vast – an […]