Looking back the at the net as it was

Think you remember what the internet was like back in the day? Chances are you’ve overlooked how far we’ve come. To illustrate the startling difference in connectivity, penetration and technical advancements, we put the internet then (1993) against now (stats accurate up to the end of 2016).

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Unpacking LTE broadband: what is it – and is it a suitable broadband solution?

Access to broadband internet is on the rise in South Africa and if you’re looking to join the revolution, there are two options available to you.

The first, of course, is fibre. Here, glass fibre optic cable is installed in the ground and diverted to homes and businesses for personal use. The cable transfers data at light speed, on a securely-managed network. Link Africa is one of the leading ‘Open-Access’ licensed fibre network operators in South Africa.

The second option is dubbed LTE, and is our focus for this article.

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