Infographic: Internet in South Africa

As Black Friday flared to life at the end of last week, shoppers around the globe flocked to storefronts – both physical and digital – to snare the best deal. Though foot traffic through the doors of physical shops continues to beggar belief, more and more people are heading online to do their shopping. The internet has changed the retail landscape, and it’s part and parcel of everyday life for a great many South Africans too.

Since the internet first became available in South Africa in 1991 and we took our first hesitant steps online, the country has embraced the net with fervour. According to statistics, 28,000,000 million South Africans are now using the net. That’s 52% of the population.

On the continent, we are fourth behind Nigeria (97,210,000/51%), Egypt (34,800,000/39%) and Kenya (32,000,000/68%) in usage alone.

On the world stage, South Africa – and Africa at large – is a glowing player in the global industry and out of 201 countries with access to the World Wide Web, we are 25th – and growing.

Below, we’ve compiled a short snapshot of some salient statistics to illustrate the widespread growth of internet in South Africa.

Internet usage in South Africa is on the rise, and importantly, so is the prevalence of Fibre. As we discussed in this article, Fibre optics is the fastest, most reliable supplier of data and set to supplant ADSL, with an estimated 3 million households fibre-activate by 2020.

Enjoy the infographic and check back for more visual snapshots of the internet landscape in South Africa.