Fibre-to-the-home: The impact on your security

Fibre is going to change the internet landscape in South Africa forever. It provides exponentially more bandwidth than copperbased ADSL and the speeds will continue to skyrocket. The only limitation is the infrastructure we build to support this fibre future.

Imagine being in possession of gigabit-a-second speeds running through your home. Well, for some homeowners that thought is already a reality. In three years’ time, who knows what the ceiling will be.

So, what does limitless broadband mean for you as the homeowner? How about the possibility of streaming television 24/7; an end to buffering; the ability to connect your devices to virtual reality. Soon that satellite dish on your roof will soon be a thing of the past. So too your landline, as Voice-Over-Fibre completes eliminates the need for it.

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